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Post by Major Margaret Houlihan on Fri Jul 03, 2015 8:38 am

It is a Hot day in Korea. Everyone is on edge. Col. Potter was on edge too. Everyone was just having a day that they did not expect. Finally Col. Potter goes to the office to cool off. Everything was going wrong. Machines were breaking down. guns galore came back in for repair. He had fourty new tags to do for the new officers that were just flown in the day before, and who knows what else!!! Oh Mercy what a day for the team.

Hawkeye was the one with a head on his shoulder. He and Margaret had it out...but he had no time for that. He had five patients to operate on. Margaret scrubs in and she starts to assist the surgeons. The day starts to go a bit smoother as the day went on.

Col. Potter starts to get a little ornery as he was already. Growls Get the guns ready as i had asked you all fifteen minutes before and an hour ago before that! the officers start moving along getting things prepared. It is a very hot day in Korea. What happens? let us all decide.

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